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Review Spotlight: Stories from Our Happy Clients

At Capital RV & Boat Storage, we take pride in providing top-notch storage solutions for RV and boat owners. But don't just take our word for it; let's hear what some of our satisfied clients have to say:

David Snow, Local Guide

"Great place to keep your RV! It's fully lit, has security cameras that cover the entire property, and the owners are super responsive. It's pretty new, so there's a lot of spaces available right now. Overall, it's really clean and spotless, and really impressive." ★★★★★
Michael Hensley, Local Guide

"We got a new travel trailer a few months ago and have been storing it at Capital RV & Boat Storage in a covered storage spot. An open and clean facility. They have 24-hour access which is handy. They also have electrical outlets that can be used for charging batteries on your RV or boat. We feel like we made a really good choice for storing our new travel trailer." ★★★★★

Ben Bayles
"This storage location ticked all my boxes. Conveniently close to 99, the aisles were wide enough for my F350 to turn, the stalls were comfortable to back a gooseneck in, and they have power right there for my battery tenders. Definitely an upgrade from my previous experience." ★★★★★

Jen Escobar
"I love the state-of-the-art security & pull-through parking! The owners did their research and brought the best practices and ideas for RV boat and storage and created an easy place to store an RV or boat. The location is perfect because it’s close to 99 yet not in a super busy metro area!!" ★★★★★

Amy & Bill Davis
"Highly recommend Capital RV & Boat Storage. Owners are local, trustworthy, and great to do business with. The location is conveniently located off of the Grand Parkway, and the security is top of the line." ★★★★★

Jeff Lookabaugh
"Their location, their price, and their security make me feel safe when leaving my toys parked. Owners are the salt of the earth. You won’t find a better storage facility." ★★★★★

Stephen Avery, Local Guide
Excellent service, friendly staff, and a secure and convenient place to store your recreational vehicles. ★★★★★

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Eric Gillard
"New, well-lit, and secure storage facility with easy access and a convenient location just off 99. Management was easy to work with, friendly, and responsive." ★★★★★

James Grogan
"The owners are very reliable. Solid security and accessibility. I don’t usually write reviews but would definitely recommend." ★★★★★

Scott Sanchez
"Very clean and secure location for storage. Very responsive to all of my questions, I definitely recommend Capital RV and Boat Storage." ★★★★★

Jonathan Ufer
"Great local business. Owners are great, security is solid, easy to find. They made the process easy. Will be working with them for a long time." ★★★★★

Emily Ufer
"Great location, the best security, and for me easy to drive and park in! Also, the owners are local and just the nicest! Good people." ★★★★★

Karen Pollard
"Capital RV & Boat Storage is conveniently located off the Grand Parkway. They have easy pull-through parking spaces and high-quality security." ★★★★★

Anthony Smith
"Mr. Matt is the kind of individual you want to do business with and the place is immaculate..." ★★★★★

Jason McIntosh
"Under really good management. Honest and dependable, and they care about their customers. I would store every RV I own here!" ★★★★★

Lori Bell
"Wide driveways, high entry units, and great security. Owners are super friendly and easy to work with." ★★★★★

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Lindsey Price
"Nice location right off 99. Great security and nice owners. 10/10 would recommend!" ★★★★★

Nick Baker
"Modern facility with all the right features, 24/7 security, easy to access, and helpful folks." ★★★★★

Dan Chapman
"Brand new, super clean, well-designed, and value-priced." ★★★★★

Matt Avery, Local Guide
"Great location and awesome prices!" ★★★★★

Recharde Pride
"It’s nice" ★★★★★

Peyton White
"Great Service would recommend it!" ★★★★★

“Workers are very helpful” ★★★★★

Callum Morrow
"Really fast service, would definitely recommend" ★★★★★

Archie Khan
"Super convenient and secure!" ★★★★★

Steven Corbeil
"Service was incredible!" ★★★★★

We're thrilled to receive such positive feedback from our clients. At Capital RV & Boat Storage, we're committed to providing the best service and facilities for all your storage needs. Whether you're storing an RV, boat, or other recreational vehicle, we've got you covered with our secure, convenient, and well-maintained vehicle storage facility

Thank you to all our wonderful clients for sharing their experiences!

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